In the garden, Sow: pumpkins, chard, lettuce, leek, beets, onions, carrots, coriander, lard cauliflower, sprouts, asparagus, peas, spinach, broad beans, beans, chili , watermelon, turnip greens, peppers, cabbage, parsley, tomatoes. Plant potatoes.

In the field, continuation of land preparation – crops, harrows, manure, etc. – intended for spring crops. In peas and favas exterminate weeds and meadows or marshes.

In the garden, construction of pits around the trees and shrubs, where manure is released that should not be in contact with the plants (this manure is covered with soil in spring).

Sow: all annual flowers, cyclamen, nasturtium, eyelashes, cosmos, sweet peas, asparagus, gypsophila, basil, sepia, etc.

In the vineyard, start grafting, using appropriate varieties, in the sheltered places. Cut the roots that appear above the graft weld.

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