Currency Exchage

Get Competitive exchange rates with  currency experts that will  help you to get more for your money with the best exchange rates guarantee 

We work with certified foreign exchange partners who offer personal transfers and corporate exchange services.
Whether you need to make one-off or regular payments, using an exchange company will save you money on exchange rates and provide you with guidance of the foreign exchange market, ensuring you have your funds transferred to where you need them to be at a lower fee than most banks.


We will assist you and put you in touch with the best financing partners in the industry 
We will guide you in all the requirements you need in a Property Loan and we will help you getting the most competitive interest rates and conditions in the financing 

Documents to apply for a Loan

-Portuguese tax number (we can assist you on that )
-Bank statements
-Proof of address
-Credit report
-Saving accounts Statement
-Valuations of Investments 
if you are employed than you also need your last tax submission, last 6 month pay slips, and employers reference 
If you are self employed  than you need your last personal tax return, the last company tax return, the business bank statements on the last 3-6 months and the profit and loss  1-3 years  

Financial / Tax Assistence

We will assist you and put you in touch with Experience and Certified Consultant Partners that Provided accounting and tax services for Private Individuals or Corporate   
They will help you or your business safe money and time 

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