In the garden – sow watercress, lettuce, carrots, cabbages, with the exception of cauliflower and broccoli. Plant potatoes (in dry areas), garlic, early cabbage, lupine.
Sow broad beans, peas, and on warm beds, lettuce, beets, onions, turnips, turnips, radishes, wheat, garlic, strawberries and tomatoes.

Start pruning rose bushes and, in particular, vines. In addition, dig the empty beds and incorporate manure, preparing them for the next sowing and planting.

Keep the garden clean and use the leaves and other plant material to make the compost.

Plan the location of paths and beds. This is a good time to undertake this task.

Plant perfect loves. This month is a good month to do so.

Beautify your garden by planting hyacinths.

This month is also the right time to plant beautiful tulips.

If you like verbena, it is this month that you should plant it, although you can also do it in the first days of December.

The beauty of lilies makes a difference in any garden. Plant them now.

At home, do not neglect the care of your indoor plants, regularly cleaning the dust from the leaves.

In dry environments, do not neglect spraying, but reduce watering and stop fertilizing.

Take the opportunity to purchase new plants to decorate your home. The penultimate month of the year is a good time to do so.

Rethink the layout of the plants and give them more light. They thank you!

Be aware of any attacks by scale insects and other pests.

In the garden, continue to prepare the beds for sowing and planting, as there are some that have to be done during this period.

Continue to plant the artichoke shoots. This is a good month to do so.

Proceed with manure and organic fertilization in your garden.

Sow broad beans,peas,  chard, watercress, chicory, cabbage, beans and marjoram.

November is also a good time to sow leek, another essential vegetable for healthy eating.

Low in calories, onions are extremely useful in a wide range of dietary recipes, enhancing their flavor. Take the opportunity to plant them this month.

One of the best cleansers in the body, carrots are a perfect detoxifying food. This is a good time to plant them.

If you like celery and coriander, often used in soups and to season various dishes of Portuguese cuisine, sow them in November.

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