Pets & Animals

First of all ... We want to introduce you our AMAZING and LOVELY DOG ...MISS CHANEL


She works  Everyday in the office and help our our Team to Have the Energy and the Joy to create a Great Environment for All

For all pets and animal lovers LIKE US

If you want to Give or Take a Pet (or other animal like a donkey, horse, sheep, goat…)for Adoption, please contact us we might be able to help you

As Dogs and Cats Lovers (among other animals) if you are Happy with the Service and Assistance We Provide you during the Process of Buying and after the Sale, we appreciated all the Food, Shelter and Medicine you can give us to help the Four Legs Friends

We Permanently Have a Campaign to Support Bad Treated and Neglected Animals that really need all of us to Help Them

Animals are Best Friends ..

Every Week we Feed, Treat and Walk Dogs (that are in chains) that are neglected and bad treated by their owners

So, We and our Four Legs Friends really need all the Help with the Shelter (some of them have no roof) Food and Medecin….or Even Your Time to Help
We also try to Lecture the Owners about the Animals Needs and Feelings

Animals are Best Friends ..they do not criticize and don’t make any questions

As Charles Darwin once said...

"The Compassion for Animals is One of The Noblest Virtues of Human Nature "

Leonardo da Vinci once said...

"The day will come when every man will know the feelings of an animal. And on this day, any crime against the animal will be a crime against humanity"

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